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Elevating RPC Node Services to Handle 20 Billion Requests

14th August 2023


In a world that increasingly leans on blockchain technology, we are proud to announce a significant milestone: 20 billion requests processed in just a month. This achievement isn’t solely about volume; it embodies our dedication to providing top-tier RPC node services. Let's explore what this landmark means for our clients and the broader community.

Consistency with RPC Node Uptime at 99.99%

Our RPC node infrastructure guarantees an uptime of 99.99%. In the realm of blockchain where consistent access to the RPC nodes is crucial, this kind of reliability sets us apart. You can be assured of uninterrupted access to your favorite networks, ensuring your projects experience minimal disruptions.

Leading the Pack with Best-in-Class Latency

When you send a request to an RPC, you expect speed. With our best-in-class latency, every RPC node request is processed in record time. Whether you're querying the polkadot RPC or any of our other supported networks, we guarantee swift, efficient responses.

Going Global: RPC Nodes in the US and Asia

Our ambition is clear: offer global RPC node access. We're expanding our RPC nodes to strategic locations in the US and Asia. This expansion promises not only a broader reach but also optimized latency for clients in these regions, ensuring faster access to polkadot RPC URLs and more.

Growing Together with Enterprise Clients

Our prowess in handling vast requests and providing diverse RPCs has led to increased interest from the enterprise sector. As more corporations venture into the blockchain realm, seeking consistent RPC node access, we’re ready to provide tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

Expanding Our Portfolio: 50+ Networks Today, 80+ by Year's End

Our commitment to versatility is unwavering. Currently, we provide RPC access to over 50 networks. But we're not stopping there – our roadmap includes supporting 80+ networks by the end of the year. So whether you’re looking for the RPC URL for polkadot or another emerging blockchain, we’re your go-to platform.

We currently support a multitude of chains, including but not limited to:


Surpassing 20 billion requests isn’t just a number—it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the RPC node space. From our impressive uptime to our expanding network support and focus on enterprise integration, we continue to strive for perfection. Thank you for making us your trusted choice for web3 infrastructure. Here's to setting even more records together!

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