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Save time and money with Dwellir's Acala scalable API endpoints and dedicated RPC nodes, perfect for top Web3 blockchain developers.
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Dedicated Node: $228

API Access: FROM$49

RPS: UP TO1500

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Acala is an appchain powering Web3 finance
About Acala Nodes

Acala is an appchain powering Web3 finance

Acala offers institutional-grade and customizable backend infrastructure optimized for financial applications, trusted by renowned institutions such as Coinbase, Figment, and Their unique appchain incorporates powerful tools like a DEX, DOT liquid staking, and the aUSD over-collateralized stablecoin, allowing developers to leverage native liquidity. The chain supports forkless upgrades, ensuring continuous, smooth enhancements to meet evolving demands. Furthermore, Acala's compatibility with both Polkadot and Ethereum empowers developers to utilize their existing coding skills, whether in Solidity via Acala’s EVM+ or directly in Substrate.

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