Blockchain Node Infrastructure

We run enterprise-grade RPC infrastructure for 50+ blockchain networks and process more than 500 million requests daily.

A constellation of interconnected servers

some of our supported networks

Global Scalability and Low Latency
built to scale

Global Scalability and Low Latency

Our Blockchain Operation Service ensures global scalability, low latency, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, providing fast and reliable operations wherever your business stands. Seamlessly grow with us as we accommodate increased demand without compromising speed or efficiency.

Comprehensive Blockchain Support
expanding coverage

Comprehensive Blockchain Support

Our service keeps you at the forefront with automated upgrades and continuous expansion of blockchain coverage. We ensure your systems are up-to-date and support an extensive range of over 40 blockchains, with the capability to add new ones as per your needs.

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Discover Our Custom Node Solutions
We understand that every business has unique requirements. Whether it's an existing blockchain node or a new one, we customize our services to meet your specific needs. Discover our tailored solutions today.
Harald Heckmann's company logo
We can count on Dwellir in any situation. They are very reliable and skilled
Harald Heckmann

Harald Heckmann

Head of Blockchain Engineering - Zeitgeist

Ingo Rübe's company logo
Dwellir has been a trusted and reliable partner since the early days. In addition to running a collator for KILT – contributing to the efficient functioning of the blockchain – Dwellir also runs RPC nodes enabling external parties to connect to the chain.
Ingo Rübe

Ingo Rübe

Founder - KILT Protocol

Rene Stefancic's company logo
Dwellir relived our DevOps team. Their tailored infrastructure solutions helped us push past our usual stress points, so we could put our energy back into our core products.
Rene Stefancic

Rene Stefancic

Chief Operating Officer - Enjin

Ran Ji's company logo
With Dwellir's customized infrastructure solutions, we were able to overcome our usual stress points and redirect our energy toward our core products. Their expertise and reliability make them a trusted partner we can always count on.
Ran Ji

Ran Ji

Product Manager - Darwinia Network

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