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Save time and money with Dwellir's StarkNet scalable API endpoints and dedicated RPC nodes, perfect for top Web3 blockchain developers.

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Dedicated Node: $379

API Access: FROM$49

RPS: UP TO1500

Public Endpoint Access

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Scaling Ethereum with Secure and Unlimited Transactions
About StarkNet Nodes

Scaling Ethereum with Secure and Unlimited Transactions

StarkNet is a decentralized Layer 2 network live on Mainnet, aimed at providing massive scaling solutions for Ethereum. It allows for fast transactions and low costs, making it a viable solution for developers and users seeking scalable blockchain solutions. StarkNet operates by producing STARK proofs off-chain and sending those proofs on-chain, ensuring Ethereum-level security. Additionally, developers have the freedom to deploy any business logic on StarkNet, benefiting from features like Cairo and Account Abstraction. StarkNet also promotes innovation and easy development through its Ethereum-level composability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is StarkNet?

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