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Save time and money with Dwellir's Integritee scalable API endpoints and dedicated RPC nodes, perfect for top Web3 blockchain developers.
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Dedicated Node: $228

API Access: FROM$49

RPS: UP TO1500

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Verifiable Privacy at Scale with Polkadot and TEEs
About Integritee Nodes

Verifiable Privacy at Scale with Polkadot and TEEs

Integritee provides verifiable privacy at scale, allowing developers and enterprises to analyze sensitive business or client data without compromising privacy. Its solution has already been successfully deployed on Kusama as a Parachain and soon on Polkadot. The platform enables firms to create platforms that utilize consumer data without risking harmful data leaks. Integritee provides a trustworthy and adaptable alternative to centralized data-driven products and services, processing data in pre-agreed ways through open-source code, without anyone having access to the underlying dataset​1​.

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