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sync_state_genSyncSpec RPC method

Returns the json-serialized chain spec running the node, with a sync state.


value boolean REQUIRED

A boolean value used to trigger the generation of the synchronized chain specification


result object

An object representing the chain specification with the sync state

badBlocks string

Any blocks considered 'bad' in the chain

bootNodes array

An array containing boot nodes, which are nodes used to initiate network connections

chainType string

The type of the chain

codeSubstitutes array

An array containing code substitutes, if applicable

forkBlocks string

Any fork blocks in the chain

genesis object

An object representing the genesis state of the chain

raw object

An object containing raw data related to the genesis state, such as children defaults and top-level data

childrenDefault array

The default values for child entities in the genesis state

top array

It contains top-level entities in the genesis state

id string

The unique identifier of the chain

lightSyncState array

The state of the light synchronization process

babeEpochChanges string

The changes in the BABE epoch

babeFinalizedBlockWeight string

The weight of the finalized BABE block

finalizedBlockHeader string

The header of the finalized block

grandpaAuthoritySet string

The set of authorities in GRANDPA consensus

name string

The name of the chain

properties object

An object containing various properties associated with the chain

ss58Format integer

The format used for Substrate addresses

tokenDecimals integer

The number of decimal places used for the native token

tokenSymbol string

The symbol of the native token

protocolId string

The unique identifier of the protocol used in the chain

telemetryEndpoints array

An array containing telemetry endpoints for the chain

Code Examples

curl<API-KEY> \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
--data '{"method":"sync_state_genSyncSpec","params":[true],"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}'